Therapists tend to struggle with promoting their counseling services, especially when they are at the beginning of their careers. No matter how much you love your profession, you will still need to apply certain marketing strategies to create your client database. The best therapists on the market invested time, effort and sometimes funds as well to reach the level that they are at. And the general thumb rule is that you should never stop advertising your services. You might change your marketing strategy, but you should always have one. Here are the best ways to market yourself as a therapist and reach the success that you deserve!

Discover Incentives

Incentives are the best program on the market that brings therapists and patients together. As a therapist, you will have to create an account on the Incentives website. Your account will be finalized and approved by the Incentives team and you will have a live and functional profile on the app. This will make you known to a wide range of patients searching for the best therapist for their needs. If you will get selected depends greatly on the cost of your services, the types of services you offer as well as the distance between you and your potential patients. Your experience as a therapist will also play a great role and you will have the opportunity to list that in your profile.

One of the main advantages of this platform is that you will be in charge of everything regarding your profile and your costs. You will not find any extra fees or commissions and once you ended two free sessions with a patient, you can initiate billing. It is very easy to set up and use while you are on your laptop or on your mobile device. This platform is perfect for both beginner and expert therapists so, you don’t have to worry if you have limited experience in your field. Also, your profile will be seen only by potential patients which increases your chances of getting collaboration and developing your clientele.

Make the most out of social media

social media mobile apps

Marketing using social media apps

We live in an era in which social media networks are not only very popular but also very inspiring and efficient for many people. You might think that, as a therapist, you ways to market yourself on these networks are limited, but you would be wrong. As a matter of fact, social networks offer you an endless pool of possibilities to find new customers. And here are just a few of these potential strategies:

  • You can join groups created for people interested in your niche. There are several groups that you can join where people are talking about their mental health and they are looking for help. This is the best place for a therapist! By doing so, you will also have an interactive relationship with your future clients before they actually become your clients which can only impact your collaborations in a positive way.
  • Create ads to advertise your services. All social media networks offer the possibility to create ads that will reach just the right type of audience you need. All you have to do is set up your ad correctly by including all the information you find relevant. These are paying ads so, you should expect to invest a minimum budget in them. How much you decide to spend depends on your possibilities as well as on your needs and expectations. This is why social media marketing is not working the same for everyone.

Create your own website

social media mobile apps

SEO for online marketing

Almost everyone has a website or at least a blog nowadays. Some do it for fun, others do it to advertise their products and services and create their brand awareness online, one step at a time. As a therapist, having a website to represent your professional path is almost a necessity that you shouldn’t neglect.

Invest in a website that has an attractive design in order to catch the attention of the visitors but it is also very functional. Your readers should understand exactly what you offer, what qualifies you to offer those services and how can you be reached. If you have all this information wrapped up in an inviting website, you did a big marketing step for your career. And if you don’t have your professional website yet, make that a top priority.

Make sure to create a website that is SEO friendly because your top goal is for potential clients to find you as they are browsing online. Write high-quality content that includes the right keywords, on a regular basis; a good frequency is once a week. And of course, don’t forget to advertise your website by adding it to your email signature, post comments signature or your forum comments signature. After all, your website is like your virtual business card and you want it to be everywhere.

Adjust your costs to the market

Even if people might find you and they might need to work with you, not all of them will be willing to pay the price you ask for your services. It is a big difference in terms of popularity, between therapists who accept health insurance and therapists who don’t accept it. The Affordable Care Act added a few years ago, mental health on the benefits that health insurance should bring. All you have to do is adjust your costs and paperwork in such a way, that your clients will have access to this type of coverage. In the long run, you will be glad you did these adjustments as your popularity and success will just keep growing!

Be part of the community

aerial residential view

A View of a Progressive Community

Being social is not only entertaining and relaxing but it can also be productive. Locking yourself in the house and spending hours at your laptop will never bring you the success that you aim for. Join significant events in your area and mingle in the right circles of people. There are plenty of conferences on mental health aspects that you could be a part of, all over the world.

You can also be active in the events created by schools, high school, and other educational institutions. This might mean you will have to do some volunteer work but in the future, it can lead to various collaborations. You can also set up free groups of students and teach them about taking care of their mental health just like they take care of other health aspects. It is all up to you and your imagination but also the time you have to invest in such activities. But sooner or late, you will definitely see the benefits of being an active part of your community!


No one said being a therapist was easy and it is definitely not a career path that everyone can take. But if this is what you love to do, you can really help a lot of people and make a difference in their lives. In order to do that, you need to advertise yourself and always invest in your skills and image. People will have to be happy with your services and counseling abilities but they should also like and trust you. And to reach all your goals, you should apply all the marketing strategies in this article. Because you can never say that you did enough in the marketing area! Even when you have a client database that you are satisfied with, you should still pay attention to your marketing strategies.