Our health journeys may be long and arduous, but don’t have to be lonely. Together, we are more encouraged to better ourselves.

The power of “We”

We know all too well the magic our mums and wives hold in nourishing us back to health. The positive impact of social support on patient outcomes has been studied and well documented for decades now. We focus on this aspect of our lives through our App and platform.

By binding together, we are more connected, more educated, more supported, and more empowered to manage our health better.

Our story

Seeing our family members struggle with, and succumb to chronic diseases was indeed heartbreaking. Witnessing the devastating effects of these diseases on their mental, physical and financial health was a catalyst in understanding the need for a stigma-free support system for these patients.

For those far removed from their loved ones, either physically or emotionally, there must exist a medium that connects them to empathetic peers, provides tools of survival, invokes motivational energy, and provides incentives to better manage their health. Hence, We are More was born (formerly WeAreMore).

Our core values

We are driven with the purpose to bring about a meaningful impact on the lives of patients dealing with chronic conditions. Together, we are more empowered to manage our health.

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