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Our support network

We are More:
Our support network


In need of a counselor but not sure where to find a good one or who to ask for a recommendation. With Incentives, get exclusive discounts for WeAreMore members available from leading therapists in your area of interest. Search based on your preferences and budget, and check the provider recommendations before signing up.

Buy your first session at 50% off.

Together, we are more mindful.

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Whether you are dealing with debilitating cancer, or life-altering mental health battle, here you will find support from your peers who understand you, motivate you, and keep you on track to cope with your struggles.

In “Support” section, open up to peers dealing with similar co-morbidities as you, and gain from an empathetic connection. Energize with motivational content related to your struggles and feel at home among those who understand you inside and out.

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Confidently approach your health with recommendations for experts from your peers. Discuss their experience and gain an unparalleled insight into the medical expert/practice that you are contemplating.

Together, we are more informed

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Participate in stigma-free discussions, find like-minded people, get support, recommendations, enjoy exclusive member benefits, and find yourself again.

Give a hug or get one. It works wonders either way.

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Last updated: Jun 2020

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