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Outreach, education, research studies, clinical trials

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Collaborative approach

Partner with the platform that captures the attention of thousands of patients each day. Gain from several opportunities for patient interactions. Meaningful interactions ensure tangible and intangible results.

Sponsorships/ Digital Advertising

Native advertising

Condition specific sponsorships

Newsletter inclusion

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Clinical trials/Research studies patient recruitment

Insights into Social determinants of health

Gain from RWE studies

Omni-channel approach on recruiting for studies

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Raise awareness for health diagnosis

Quell mis-information about therapies

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Mental health therapist

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Our Audience

Reach an exclusive audience comprised of patients and caregivers only. WeAreMore patients are actively engaged in seeking referrals, recommending therapies that work, discussing providers, supporting each other, coping together and thriving as a community.

Audience Demographics

Gender Diversity

Members Age Groups

WeAreMore is recommended by

  • Mental Health America
  • Crisis hotline
  • Psych Central
  • Several therapist websites and doctor offices
  • Hailed by the media as an excellent peer support platform for users
  • Over 100 doctor/therapy offices

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