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Know how far to the Therapist’s office instantly

For In-Person Therapist search, simply sort by distance and know just how far the best Therapist is to you, automatically.

For Online Therapists, pick the best suited for your needs among those displayed. All are verified and licensed to practice in your state.

Transparent Session Costs

Rest assured, all therapists shown are accepting new patients. Search for the best Therapist within your budget. Take advantage of lower Therapy rates offered.


Get a 50% discount on the first session with any Therapist

As an incentive to help our users get started on the road to recovery, we have negotiated a special discount exclusive to WeAreMore users.

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Use filters to fine-tune your search for what matters to you and find your ideal match in a matter of seconds.

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    Pick whichever gender you feel comfortable with using the Gender filter.
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    Use the language filter to select your preference
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    Choose between online therapy and in-person visits
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    Filter the Therapists that specialize in the specific conditions that affect you.

Choose Specialists, not just Therapists:
Find Therapists that specialize in your issues:

Finding a therapist is one thing, but finding a therapist who specializes in what is affecting your life is a home run!

Therapists on our App have spent countless hours in specializing in specific issues. Select the specific issues that affect you and find the Therapists best suited to help you deal with them.

Trusted Therapists carefully chosen to help us all

All therapists are vetted through our comprehensive qualification process. We take into account their education, credentials, license, practice hours, and other relevant information.

Crucial information regarding Education, Years of Experience, Specializations, Session Rates, is clearly visible on each Therapists’ profile for users to make the most informed decision.

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Find a Therapist: The easy way

Bringing transparency to mental health market ensures that our users get access to the best Therapists at the most competitive rates

Unbiased Profile listings
WeAreMore does not favor one therapist over the other and our users benefit from an unbiased presentation of Therapists based solely on the search criteria set by users.

No cost listings and no cost access:
There is no cost for this service to either Therapists or to the users. At WeAreMore, we are proud to bring access to quality therapists to our users and doing it without any financial bias.

Easy Access
Users can choose therapists based on several factors and directly from their smartphones.
Never before have they been able to access local therapists through an App or consult their peers about their experiences.

Help the community find better therapy
Leave reviews, recommend them, and talk about them on WeAreMore to help other users make better choices.
Whether you want to find someone near you or an online therapist, our app will match you with the best option.