About Yvonne DelZenero

Yvonne DelZenero is a Clinical Psychologist in the Denver-metro area. She practices at Comprehensive Pain Specialists providing therapy and assessments for adolescents and adults. Her specialties include helping people cope with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder from car accidents. She also conducts neuropsychological, ADHD, and learning disorder assessments.
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Chronic Pain and Addiction

Not surprisingly, people who suffer from chronic pain may experience judgment regarding their condition or medication prescriptions. I’ve had some clients tell me they hate going to the Emergency Department because they feel l... More >

Life After Chemo

The concept of "new normal" - this is a pretty common phrase in the cancer world about the new normal a person experiences when treatment is over. I could talk about what a person may typically face in those first few months b... More >

Loving Someone with Prader Willie Syndrome

I was living in Los Angeles at the time when I found out I was going to have yet another sibling. I was around twelve years old, and the oldest of four. Being the oldest, I just thought another brother or sister to play with, ... More >