Until recently, online therapy had not been taken seriously in the field of psychology. However, with the arrival of new advanced technologies, online care appears to simplify and facilitate the lives of many patients! The benefits of online therapy remain the same as traditional therapy. You receive the help you need while knowing that everything you discuss with your therapist remains confidential. While some might squirm at the idea of online therapy, we’d like to share a few unique benefits that one might find helpful and surprising at the same time.

What is Online Therapy

A few years ago, to undergo therapy, it was necessary for the patient and the psychologist to be together in the same room, usually at a private practice or a psychological clinic. Both parties agree to see each other at the scheduled location to hold the session. While traditional counseling has not lost its streak, online therapy has started to gain ground, becoming more and more accessible and acknowledged by the general public.

You may have noticed how the majority of your chores or tasks can be accomplished online, including grocery shopping, paying the bills, wiring money, or order takeout. Before the Internet, however, you had to leave the house if you wanted to eat something. Today, you can order almost any dish through a food app! Before you had to take a bus and walk to a specific destination, now, just call an Uber from your smartphone! Many services can be done without leaving your home, and psychology is not far behind in following this technological leap!

Nowadays, with online therapy, you can carry out your psychological monitoring without leaving your home using only a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. This type of mental health therapy is the same as traditional therapy, the way it’s broadcasted in the only difference. The psychologist schedules weekly sessions that last around 50 minutes; it could be more or less depending on the patient’s needs. So, as long as you have a stable Internet connection, a working microphone, and a camera, you’re good to go!

Benefits of Online Therapy

The benefits of online therapy are many and not negligible. A few of them are:

1. Time Saver

If you have already undergone psychological counseling traditionally, you may have noticed that between going and coming from the therapists’ office, you’re spending a great deal of time on the road. You need to be at the clinic before the session starts. And for that, you’re spending time in traffic and overall commuting.

Someone I know spent two hours just getting to his therapist’s office in a big city with a lot of traffic. At the end of the session, it took two more hours to return home, and he ended up getting more anxious and stressed in the middle of the ride back home. According to his account, when he got home, he could barely remember what had happened during therapy, which made the psychological monitoring useless since he recovered all the stress that had been dealt with in therapy once he arrived home.

With online therapy, you don’t have to travel long distances. Just schedule the best time for you and your online therapist, and that’s it! At the appointed time, each party needs to connect to the Internet to get started with the session!

2. Enhanced Security

According to RAINN, every 73 seconds, an American is sexually or physically assaulted. You may be from a different country. However, assaults do happen every day. The number of people who face assaults on a day-to-day basis is shockingly quite high. This is not to scare or frighten you. However, it’s always best to be cautious.

On the upside, with online therapy, you take no chances. You’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary threats or dangers by having to commute to your therapist’s clinic. Sessions are held via your smartphone; you can be in the place where you feel most secure.

3. Comfort

woman enjoying the benefits of online therapy

This is a significant benefit! For the therapy to flow effectively, it is necessary for the patient to feel at ease in their environment. And for that, there’s nothing more comfortable than being in the place where you want to be! Whether at home, on a trip, in your office, you can easily carry out your psychological counseling productively.

4. Confidentiality

People often wonder about client data protection in an online therapy setting. Like traditional therapy, online Plinko Stake also follows the rules of the Federal Council of Psychology, which values the confidentiality of each service. In other words, all your data and the conversation between you and the professional remain secure through encryption.

Another thing that must be remembered is that nobody will need to know that you are undergoing psychological therapy because, with online care, you can carry out the sessions from any location of your choosing without anyone knowing your business.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

woman paying for online therapy sessions

When performing online mental health therapy, you leave aside expenses like gasoline, subway money, bus, or taxi. Since you can do therapy from anywhere, you don’t need to move around to get to a clinic in time!

6. Greater Resourcefulness

According to a study on the efficacy of online therapy, at-home counseling has not only proven to be clinically efficacious, but patients feel more comfortable talking through the computer screen and smartphone than in person. This makes therapy much more beneficial, taking into account that most patients have greater resourcefulness and courage to talk about things that they would typically shy away from face to face.

7. No Travel Restrictions!

If you like to travel or need to travel a lot because of work, online therapy is a great option! You do not need to be in a single city to carry out the sessions. Instead, you can adapt your travel times to do your therapy without having to reschedule the session or cancel it because of your trip. It’s a great option, especially if you can’t stay in one place for too long and always switching therapists is not an option.

How to Get Started with Online Therapy

man enjoying the benefits of online therapy

Getting started with online therapy is not a complicated task! The Online Therapy Guide can help you find the most suitable professional to carry out your sessions. There are many resources online that can help you connect with the best online services available. You should certainly try the “Find a Therapist” feature in the Peer support App, WeAreMore.However, before choosing an online service, be sure to check that they work only with licensed therapists and ask as many questions as you can before buying a subscription.

Online therapy and technological advances might not be perfect, but neither are humans. Do your research, trust yourself, and ask the right questions for you before choosing an online therapy service. Stay safe and healthy!