Radiation oncologist, health care director, advisor and a teacher in Cancer research & treatment

Elizabeth Charlotte Moser (1973) is a radiation oncologist, health care director, advisor and a teacher in Cancer research & treatment. Her work has been focused on modern and targeted therapies, survivorship issues and costs efficiency of cancer care.

During 20 years of clinical practice, she actively took part in organizing multidisciplinary cancer care across different public and private hospitals in the West of France. This directly improved patient survival and hospitals profitability. She moved to Southwest Europe to co-lead the set-up of one of the biggest national cancer centers. Being part of this executive team, she has learned the essentials of a matrix structure advantages in multidisciplinary cancer institute. Since this center had achieved a maturity stage, she left to Boston where she just completed her MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (main electives: Finance, Startups legal aspects, Digital health and Web platforms) and at the same time deepened knowledge in translational research and drug development with a Master degree in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Innovation at Harvard University. She graduated with valedictorian honors being top of her class. Besides being fluently in 5 languages, she now owns all pillars of health care leadership combining medical, management & finance and translational research expertise in innovative cancer care.

From January 2018, she works for Elekta Limited as Vice President Treatment Pathway Requirements and Usability, besides continuing her work as supervisory / executive board functions in various healthcare related companies like hospital networks, digital health providers, pharmaceutical, medical systems, investment firms and internal ventures.