Natural mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder is the focus of this post; these are ways or strategies of coping with what this condition throws at you. 

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is characterized by mood swings. Patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder fight mood swings in the hope – after learning to manage it – of being able to lead a productive life. These manic or depressive episodes make it hard for someone to cope with the uninvited fluctuations associated with this condition.

Natural Mood Stabilizers For Bipolar Disorder

Let’s have a look at some mood management strategies for bipolar disorder:

Mood diary

The most commonly used management strategy is to keep a mood diary. It is not only important to become aware of the timescales when your emotional state changes, you also need to be prepared in advance. This helps to provide crucial information about the triggers. The formula is to control or minimize the triggers of specific mood episodes. Take a look at this list first.

– Stress
– Insomnia
– Loss of any kind at work or in relationships
– Seasonal changes
– Change in regular medicine

The reasons vary for everyone but writing down the record of a trigger in a mood diary helps a patient to see which situations to avoid, which will aid the management of mood reactions. Check out this useful mood diary pattern, it will look like this:

Bipolar disorder

You can easily create one to gain an insight into mood swings, and this will help you determine when the mood reaches an extreme level.

Create and maintain an art mood journal

Natural Mood Stabilizers For Bipolar Disorder

Another interesting way to monitor your mood is to create and maintain an art mood journal. You can draw as many parts in a circle on a daily or weekly basis. This will help you keep a record of how you feel based on the severity level. A self-portrait is one of the excellent ways to understand the differences within your personality. Similarly, you can distract an occupied mind with a fun activity such as drawing and coloring the image to show both the depressive and manic states within each half of a portrait.

Bipolar disorder forum

Regular Exercise

Cognition affects emotions and emotions direct behaviors. Bipolar patients always need to relax their nerves. Their mind can be eased with certain mindfulness exercises or relaxation breathing exercises. You can meditate twice a day for 10 minutes to stay calm. The calmness of the mind, in turn, soothes your emotions and reduces harmful and problematic reactions.

Diaphragmatic breathing

Just sit with a straight posture and close your eyes, take deep breaths 3 times by holding your breath for 5 seconds each when inhaling and exhaling. Feel your breathing coming in from nose to lungs and stomach and repeat to exhale from stomach to diaphragm and mouth. You must focus on breathing; the more slowly and deeply you process it, the more you relax, and you can get rid of the emotional pressure. It breaks the strength of mania particularly well.

Eat healthy foods

No one can ignore the power of natural mood stabilizers for bipolar disorders; natural food, in particular, can control the effect of specific episodes. To prevent mania, avoid stimulating foods – for example, caffeine, alcohol, and hard drugs.

Other foods to avoid depressive episodes are:

– Food containing white flour
– Processed foods of all kinds
– Sugary foods, foods with preservatives or storing chemicals

You can also join bipolar disorder forum to connect with people who have dealt or are dealing with the disorder, there you can learn more about how to manage your mood swings.

I am really sure that these simple strategies for daily use will help you in overcoming and managing your mood roller coaster!

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