Living with schizophrenic people in your home or family life is a challenge- With this in mind, you may well be wondering how you can become an effective carer.

This disorder is regarded as a mental illness due to the organic condition of the brain. People suffering from schizophrenia exhibits signs of reduced mental activity. This leads to several inexplicable behavior and emotional reactions. If you have a schizophrenic family member, you will understand that living with them is not easy. But, the decision to take care of schizophrenic patients within the family home can help to improve their prognosis and recovery.

Schizophrenia is a disease influenced by the lack of social support with biological and genetic factors. This requires helping the patient to live in a less stressful home environment. This thereby inculcates peaceful yet supportive ambience for everyone.

In this article, we will look at some tips for taking care of and supporting a schizophrenic family member. We will also discuss several ways to make your home a secure and homely place for them.

Living With Schizophrenic

Living With Schizophrenic Issues

Home environments are an option to treat an illness successfully. It will help the patient stay away from self-harming activities. These activities include excessive eating behaviors, self-mutilation, and drug/alcohol abuse. Here are some tips:

Keep All Harmful Tools Away

Keep the harmful tools and substances in your home away. Tools and substances like scissors, cutters, medicines and other drugs are examples of dangerous objects. You should keep away life-saving drugs to prevent over-dosage and abuse. When they can’t find any harmful objects around them, they won’t be able to harm themselves. You should give them their medicines on time. This will help to reduce any sign of aggression in the patient.

Control Over Stimulation

All highly sensory oriented elements must be eliminated from your home. There must not be anything distressing about the patient’s space. These include the paint colors of the room, which must be cool or soothing i.e. use tints of hues or blue, green and neutrals. You should ensure that TV and other media are playing in a controlled voice. Any sharp music can trigger the patient just like an object with sharp qualities.

Take Care Of Their Daily Duties

In addition, you should take care of their daily duties of self-hygiene, care, and other needs. In this way, they improve in grooming and feel less ignored. The chains of complex negative emotions break between the caretakers and patient when they interact with each other. So, when you discuss matters of life together they will listen attentively so that they can implement the changes you suggest. It stimulates the patient to move within society confidently and start living a normal and happy life.

Lastly, an air of cooperation is best for the patient that conveys a message to them that he or she is not alone. The family member with schizophrenia must be asked to participate in daily household tasks and activities. When going to any family gathering or any outdoor activity, you should take them along. Living with schizophrenic people doesn’t have to mean exclusion. 

They can be provided with a safe and open space inside or outside the home to play different sports. Physical exercises can be demonstrated through videos or daily audio can be provided to follow for meditation and relation. You can introduce them to a mental health forum or a schizophrenia forum for support and tips on how to deal with the illness.

Living With Schizophrenic Disorder Is Possible

You can control the schedule of their life for countless health benefits. They can learn new skills as well and get exposed to the professional world gradually with your help. Never ignore the opportunities to enhance mutual effort power. In addition, inform yourself about the ins and outs of being a caregiver.

By being conscious of the tips listed above, you can make life better for you and your family member. 

And Remember…

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