The holiday season is here once again. This time of the year is always full of excitement, togetherness, and love. It is the season to be jolly and to spend time with friends and family. However, not everyone celebrates merrily. In fact, some may even experience depression during holidays like Christmas, and also, it is true, at other times of celebration.

This festive season can be a time of loneliness for many people. Some celebrate the season with a heavy heart and in isolation. For some, this is their first holiday season after losing their loved one.  They are weighed down by the lost feeling that makes them vulnerable. They start getting depressed, sad and nervous.

depression during holidays

For some people, they have just gone through a rough relationship break-up. Others may not be happy because they don’t have enough money to spend during the holidays.

If you are coping with isolation from family or you don’t have families to spend the festive holiday with, the feeling of depression may creep in.  This means you are going through the holiday blues.

However, sad feelings and other negative thoughts may dissipate as the holiday season passes. In other cases, depression may persist because the negative symptoms do not end with the holidays. The individual may start complaining of aches that may arise without any physical cause. Sometimes, they may even have suicidal thoughts.

Therefore, here are some ways to cope with loneliness during this holiday season.

Overcoming Depression During Holidays Like Christmas

Here are some tips that can help with the seasonal blues. While focused mostly on Christmas, this advice can be applied whenever sadness is provoked by a national, regional or personal celebration.

Don’t Force Yourself To Be Happy

Forcing yourself to be happy will make you more miserable. You will put an unreasonable demand upon yourself and this can create an extra pressure on you. The fact is that happiness is an emotion and you need to be in the mood to feel happy. If you are not happy, don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself. When you try to ignore your loneliness and emptiness, you will be depressed even more. You need to find a reason to be happy and acknowledge the moment and season.

Start Making New Friends

If you have recently gone through a painful relationship break up  – casual or romantic – it is good to start making new friends. If it is a romantic relationship, don’t jump into another one immediately. Get involved in some activities, pamper yourself and make yourself feel important. You should spend some time to hang out with people or indulge in some fun group activities. Visit places you have never been before; you could even plan a trip to one of your dream destinations. Get to know people, visit a new restaurant or go see a new movie that has just been released.  If you have some loved ones in another city, you could go there physically or chat with them online. You could even invite them to come visit you. Try as much as possible to connect with your loved ones who are not nearby, as this will make you feel happy and loved.

Enjoy Your Time Alone

depression during holidays

Sometimes, it is okay to feel sad and lonely. There are so many people out there who are also going through what you are going through. So, you should not think you are alone. If you are lonely, you should enjoy your time alone, reflect and rest well. Think of new ideas or indulge in things you have always wanted to do. Be confident in yourself and accept who you are. If you love to dance, you can express your feelings through dance. Whatever you love to do, even if it is painting or writing, you could spend some time doing that. Visit the garden or park, take a walk around it and enjoy your natural surroundings. Just try as much as possible to leave your worries behind.

Eat Healthy Foods And Avoid Excessive Alcohol Intake

The holiday season is all about dining and partying. Thus, you should try as much as possible to eat healthy foods. Don’t overeat or drink alcohol in excess. If you want to eat, you should try food that you will really enjoy. When you are okay, try to caution yourself and stop eating. Sometimes, due to the holiday blues, you may be tempted to drink alcohol in excess. Don’t feel sorry for yourself by dwelling on your circumstance. Alcohol is a depressant and it will only make things worse. Glugging a bottle will induce depression during holidays pretty frequently, regardless of whether it’s Christmas or another festivity. You may find yourself acting in ways that you normally don’t. You may be more prone to cynical remarks, violence, and angry outbursts.

Overcome Depression During Holidays: Get Help And Support

There are several depression chat rooms and support groups that can help you cope with loneliness. If you are depressed, you should join a depression forum, where you can connect with people suffering from similar conditions. This will help you make new friends and get some positive advice on how you can cope with depression during holidays like Christmas. You can also visit a therapist, life coach or psychiatrist who is experienced in dealing with depression. They can provide you with medical diagnosis, evaluations and treatment to help you alleviate any depressive symptoms and cope with loneliness.