Life After Chemo

The concept of "new normal" - this is a pretty common phrase in the cancer world about the new normal a person experiences when treatment is over. I could talk about what a person may typically face in those first ... More >

Cancer Risks

Of most cancers the cause is unknown. Different factors, age, environmental and genetic (familiar risk) are mixed together and result in one out of four citizens in the Western world and one out of eight in most other countries to ... More >

Is Cancer Contagious?

Is Cancer Contagious: Can We Pass Cancer To Others? The short answer would be No, but we will attempt to explain further and answer the question: "Is cancer contagious?" In contrast to viruses and other infectious diseases, we cannot contaminate ... More >

Can Social Support Groups help you beat Cancer?

Being diagnosed with cancer comes as a shock to many as remorse and sorrow creep in. With so many plans underway; watching your kid(s) become the best he or she can be in life now can seem like a mere dream. Also, the dreams of graduating from college, going for that vacation, or moving into a new house may start fading away. Exuding strength from within is vital in fighting cancer. It requires more than the many sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to emerge as a victor with an improved quality of life.